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Spec Chassis?

March 30, 2010

Well, there’s Spec Miata, Spec Racer ford, Formula SCCA, etc.  Indycar racing has been a spec chassis for years.  If you watched the St. Petersburg race on Monday, you saw some of the best racing anywhere.  Yes, it was the dreaded, ancient spec chassis that so many, myself included, have been wanting replaced for years.  But, what if after all this time, the team owners have got it right?  Maybe they’ve figured it out?  Look at Justin Wilson in the Dreyer/Reinbold low-budget team finishing second to big buck Penske?  Do we really want this Delta Wing thingie?

How about instead of a Spec Indycar chassis, we have Spec Budget?  In other words, set a maximum chassis cost, let’s say for conversation sake, $200,000 and ANYONE can make that chassis to spec, as long as they sell it for $200K or less?  What made Indy great was innovation and variety, as well as speed.  Well, if anyone can make the spec chassis but only sell it for a max limit, wouldn’t that bring some of the variety and excitement back into the sport?